Waist, Not - Our Beginner's Guide To Waist Trainers

What if we told you that you could instantly achieve that coveted pin-up girl's hourglass figure? Yeah, we didn't believe it either. But after we heard about this latest trend to find its way into our stores, we were simply obsessed. Come to find out, so are some of the hottest stars in Hollywood, and even the Kardashian sisters swear by its results.

It's waist training, it's here, and we want to show you how.


What Is It?

In the past, waist training was achieved through wearing a corset, usually lined with lots of uncomfortable steel boning that is structurally similar to underwire.

Luckily for us, those days are behind us, even though very dedicated waist training ladies still strap on corsets to achieve their results. Perhaps the most popular variety today is the cincher, and it's made from durable, stretchy latex. Long-term wear not only became bearable compared to traditional corseting, but it's also completely and totally worth it.

The result? You'll notice an immediate, dramatic reduction in the size of your waist, giving you that classic glamour girl figure otherwise unachievable through diet and exercise alone. 

                         One of our available waist trainers, offered in pink.

                        One of our available waist trainers, offered in pink.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. Waist training doesn't harm your internal organs, hurt your ribs, and is only mildly uncomfortable when you first begin wearing your cincher or when you adjust the tightness. However, use common sense. If you experience pain, take it off. Waist training can help you achieve better long-term posture, which is just one of the many reasons we love it.

Is It Effective?

Waist training results aren't permanent, but they are long-lasting. Some individuals choose to suit up in a cincher for a special event or even choose to wear them to the gym. Also, the cinching effect discourages its wearer from overindulging when they eat, so you'll generally feel fuller sooner while wearing it.

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Seductions Team