Seduction Lingerie's Fall Flavor Faves


What's your flavor fave?

While you're getting #FallFigured with our latest in sexy seasonal lingerie, don't forget the cherry on top, so to speak. Meet a few of our best-selling, customer-recommended flavored lubes, lotions, and sprays, guaranteed to put a lot of spice in your night.

The Flavor: Sweet, Sweet Cinnamon


Our flavored desensitizing spray is formulated to reduce the discomfort of associated with oral sex. This refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat and activates within minutes. We've had customers share that this delicious spray doubles well as a breath freshener, too!


The Flavor: A Sweet & Spicy Variety


They say that variety is the spice of life, and this collection is no exception. This flavored lube multi-pack Includes mystical mint, juicy passion fruit, sweet strawberry, sexy cinnamon, and wild cherry.


The Flavor: Caramel Kiss


This oral sex gel produces a smooth, satisfying experience for both partners, available in delectable Caramel Kiss. The gel delivers smooth lubrication for increased sensitivity and allows for arousal and enhancement with every touch by adding a pleasing, delicious taste to excite foreplay.


The Flavor: Cinnabun


This sweet edible oral delight cream is all that you will taste because it keeps the tongue and throat completely coated during foreplay. Its sensual oily consistency stays present in the mouth longer than typical oral gels, allowing you to take your love deeper than ever before.



The Flavor: A Hint Of Caramel

With fall around the corner, keep the golden glow of the sun's last rays on your skin with a lickable dusting of this Seductions favorite.


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Seductions Team