Boudoir: Showing Yourself How Beautiful You Are

seductions boudoir

Boudoir is translated as a woman's bedroom or private sitting room. Boudoir photos are usually taken in an intimate setting: a bedroom, a private lounge, a dressing room, or a personal studio. A few years ago, this trendy photo shoot was most common for engaged women to give to their husband-to-be a pre-wedding gift. Over the past couple of years, however, it has become increasingly common, something for anyone to do whether for a significant other or for themselves. 

We fully encourage stepping in front of the camera for a boudoir shot, no matter your relationship status. They give you the privilege of seeing yourself in a new light, as sensual and desirable- two things many women don't often associate themselves with. These shoots don't have to be dark and sultry; they can be fun and playful. The style of lingerie, the photographer, and how the photos are edited can change the tone of the photos. 

A lot of people hate on boudoir photoshoots, but we encourage every woman to do this for 6 main reasons:

Getting dolled up. 

It's not too often that you get to spend an entire day pampering yourself, getting your hair and makeup done, and walking around in sexy lingerie. You'll be the center of attention for the duration of the shoot, and whether or not you love the spotlight, spending a day fully focused on yourself is therapeutic. 


Our sensuality and sexuality is a personal and intimate relationship that we have with ourselves, and we need to embrace it. We are women. Beautiful. Strong. Sexy. Proud. Unique. We are whatever we want to be. No one can take that away from us, and we should celebrate that. We should celebrate each other. Boudoir photoshoots are all about you and what makes you feel beautiful. Own it. 

Celebration of a transitional period. 

Do this to celebrate a new period in your life: your recent engagement, your new baby body, your promotion at work, anniversary, a milestone birthday, or any other significant milestone! 

Celebration of your body. 

Our bodies are a touchy subject most of the time. We're too skinny. We're too curvy. We show too much skin. We cover up too much skin. We should embrace our curves. We should ignore the fact that we have boobs. It's a constant revolving door of insults, suggestions, insecurities, and worries. A boudoir photoshoot is a big middle finger to everyone who has ever shamed a woman about being proud of her body. You only get one body. Cherish it. 

Correction of doubts. 

Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we find flaws and compare ourselves to the photoshopped women in magazines or our perfectly proportioned best friend on Instagram. Stepping in front of the camera can be a little nerve-wracking, thinking about those insecurities, but seeing the finished product is worth it. These shoots show off your figure as beautiful. You'll feel like a supermodel once the proofs come in, and that boost in self-confidence is what it's all about.

Seeing yourself in a different light. 

It's just you, your lingerie and your photographer. You'll get to relax, open up, and find a different part of yourself that you never knew was there. It's the opportunity for you to become who you want to be, to transform yourself into the most confident and strong version of yourself. You'll even find other gorgeous features you didn't even know you had to show off! 

Do this for fun. Do this for love. Do this for you! 

In need of some lingerie inspiration or advice on what to wear for a shoot? Talk to us about scheduling a private fitting at one of our locations. We can walk you through the best looks for your body type and help you decide on your favorite looks for the camera!