Keep On Keeping On: Our Favorite Enhancement Pills


In the market for a little...more? Here at Seductions, we hear a lot of questions about our selection of enhancement pills and supplements. 

"Do they work?"

"Are they safe?"

"How long do results last?"

Depending upon the individual and the enhancement pill chosen, they do work, they are tested and safe, and results vary based on the desired results each formula provides. Based on customer feedback, here are a few of the most popular enhancement pill options for both men and women from Seductions, whether purchased online or in-store!

If you're trying to make a decision about introducing enhancement pills into your sex life for the first time or looking to try one of the newer pills on the market, read on.

What's It Called: One More Knight

Who It's For: Men looking to increase size, time, and stamina

How It Works: Fast-acting and long-lasting, this headache-free formula is one of the most popular mens' sexual performance enhancement formulas to ever hit our stores based on male enhancement pill reviews provided by our customers. To purchase online, click HERE.



What's It Called: Black 3K

Who It's For: Men looking for one of the top male enhancement pills on the market as a replacement for prescription pills

How It Works: Take one hour prior to sexual activity for a fast-acting, long-lasting erection. Customers report better performance and explosive orgasms, so we think it's definitely worth a try. You also don't have to take it every day, so it's a super convenient option. Currently unavailable online; to purchase, visit us in-store. 



What's It Called: Black Panther

Who It's For: Men looking for longer-lasting and harder erections plus better ejaculation control

How It Works: Black Panther's new, improved formula can increase duration of intercourse without the undesired numbing effects. Chemical-free, these natural male enhancement pills have been proven time and time again to be a customer favorite. Currently unavailable online; to purchase, visit us in-store. 



What's It Called: Me Me Me Meow

Who It's For: Women looking to increase overall sexual pleasure and performance

How It Works: Take 20 minutes prior to sexual activity with effects lasting up to 72 hours, making it one of the longest-lasting female enhancement pills on the market. Lubrication increases, and so do the orgasms! Currently unavailable online; to purchase, visit us in-store. 


What's It Called: Pandora

Who It's For: Women looking to increase desire in addition to sexual performance

How It Works: This doctor-tested, doctor-approved formula has been said to result in absolutely mind-blowing sex by many of our customers. Because of its affordable price and consistent performance, this one tends to fly off the shelves! To purchase online, click HERE.


Rather speak to one of our store associates about an enhancement pill or supplement? Visit with us at one of our adult stores, and we'll help you find the perfect formula for you!

Seductions Team