How Your Scent Can Make or Break a Relationship


Unique characteristics have drawn humans together for as long as we have been on this earth; physical appearance and natural attraction being among the most obvious. But, what if we told you your scent can make or break a relationship? 


How Your Scent Can Make or Break a Relationship

A few years back, Psychology Today put out a report that definitely caught our attention here at Seductions. The Scent of Sex made us take a second look at our own relationships and how we rate the appeal of our significant others.


The contrast of "looks" with "status" between men and women makes evolutionary sense. Physical attractiveness in women is indicative of potential fertility and social status in men is indicative of being able to help a woman rear her children.

-Psychology Today


Basically, men tend to be attracted to women because of their appearance, and women are favor men who will be good providers and protectors. What makes a good mate to a woman boiled down to its basics. It’s someone who can provide for her and her offspring. Oh, and this: they need to be able to produce a healthy baby. What makes a healthy baby? Healthy sperm, and healthy sperm comes from someone with a strong immune system. But what does this have to do with scent? We're about to tell you!

Curious to know how women instinctively know whether or not a man is healthy, a group of researchers conducted tests. Most famously, the t-shirt test. Women were asked to smell t-shirts and pick the ones they found most pleasing. Time and again, women labeled shirts as sexy and pleasant that belonged to men whose immune systems were different from their own.

According to the study, “our immune systems are coded by a cluster of genes called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), and everyone, except identical twins, has a unique set of MHC genes...Your unique string of MHC genes are the genotype for your immune system, and your body odor is the external manifestation of these genes!"

In other words, your "odorprint" is as unique as your fingerprint! And this unique odor is not only different per person, but also smells different per person; for example, the same man may smell two different ways to two different women because their MHCs are not the same. So Brad Pitt may smell delicious to you while another person may be turned away by his natural scent.


A woman's nose not only responds to a man's body-odor in terms of his biological suitability, women actually find how a man smells to be the most important factor in their sexual attraction. -Psychology Today


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