Home Date Night Ideas For Winter

Couple with glass of wine at fireplace

Freezing cold temperatures have officially hit, and that can make it hard to muster up the will to get out and about once the sun goes down. We don't want your date nights to suffer from frostbite, so we've brainstormed five ideas for a date night in. Cuddle up and stay warm! 

1. Two Words: Indoor Smores 

Is there anything more romantic than a nice night in front of the fireplace? Order your favorite takeout and pick up some marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers on your way home from work for a sweet treat. Take the opportunity to turn off your phones and devices, and just turn on your favorite music to relax with. See where the night takes you, because the fire may not be the only thing that heats up. 

2. Game Night 

Laughter really is the best medicine! Kick back and relax with a few icebreaker games that will be sure to have you and your significant other rolling on the floor giggling. If you really put yourself into it, an icebreaker game is a good way to get to know one another and spend time laughing together. 

If you have friends, you can also turn this into a full-on competitive game night with guys vs. girls or couple vs. couple. Twister, Cards Against Humanity, Battle Of The Sexes, and Monopoly are all classic games that are a ton of fun for small groups! 

For a date night that's just the two of you, check out some of our games for a night in

3. Movie Night 

"Netflix and chill" has revolutionized the classic date night of watching a movie. With services like Netflix and Redbox, it's easier than ever to watch great movies. Have trouble deciding which movie to watch? Compromise by allowing each of you to decide on a movie. Or you can browse this list of the sexiest movies of all time to get in the mood for a little more than your average movie night in.  

4. Cook together 

Couples that cook together stay together. Working together to make your favorite foods is a great way to spend time together and save money in the process. Accidentally touching each other while navigating around the kitchen, flirting while turning up the heat on the stove, taste tests that turn in to kisses... you just might end up having dessert before you can finish cooking. 

5. At Home Spa 

Sensual massages after a long day at work are sure to earn you some brownie points, and it'll put your partner in the mood to do just about anything you want. Continue the night with a romantic warm bubble bath together or a steamy shower to get a little dirty while cleaning off. 

Afraid you aren't masseuse material? Try out these techniques to bring your A-game.  

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