8 Tips to Feel Sexy After Dark

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8 Tips to Feel Sexy After Dark

Summer makes us think of being lazy while floating around in a pool or zipping around on the lake. Even though the days are longer, the real excitement begins when the sun sets, and Seductions is here with the right tips to help you take full advantage of this time. Here are our 8 tips to feel sexy after dark!

8 Tips to Feel Sexy After Dark

1. The easiest way to feel sexy after dark is with an enticing outfit. Get the perfect fitting bras and panties every time with our Perfect Fit Guide. Our gorgeous bra and panty sets start at less than $25! Pick the perfect color to beautifully complement to your summer tan.

2. Get the right touch. Turn up the heat after dark by giving your special someone a romantic, sensual massage. Adding a touch of lotion to your massage is an easy way to help you set the mood. Try heating things up with our Peaches N Cream Body Heat Warming Lotion, or cool things off with our On Ice Bussing & Cooling Female Arousal Oil. (You won’t regret it.)

3. Channel your inner flower child. Add some blooms to your hair while wearing one of our vintage or bohemian-inspired babydoll nighties.

4. Keep it up all night with our natural supplements for both him and her. Our formulas help increase blood flow in certain areas causing a heightened sense of arousal. 

5. Lingerie for him! Yes, we don’t want to leave the guys out. That’s why we have fabulous guys’ boxers, briefs, and everything in between. Shop one of our five locations to find him the perfect piece!

6. Introduce a mood-setting fragrance. Whether you prefer a subtle candle or an inviting cologne, both are perfectly romantic after dark. Try a new scent from our wide array of designer fragrances, place fresh flowers in your bedroom, or enjoy the night by scented candlelight.

A subtle, yet sexy way to hide a mood-setting fragrance is in the sheets! Just spritz the bed before you get frisky to add a little “zing” when you move things into the bedroom after dark. Shop in store or Seductions online to find a sensual scent to help you set the mood.

7. Mix things up! If you always spend time on the couch, make a picnic in the middle of the living room floor and enjoy snuggling on the rug. If you want a change of atmosphere, sleep in your guest room. Sometimes, a new environment is all it takes to heat things up after dark.

8. Try something new. Toys are a great place to start when you want to get more adventurous after dark. Take a look at our springtime best-selling adult toys for ideas!

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