Add Some Extra Buzz This Spring With Our Favorite New Toys

Spring 2018's Hottest Toys

One of the most frequent questions our customers ask us is how to introduce toys into the bedroom. Indeed, it can be difficult. Adult toys are not exactly things we talk openly about here in Arkansas.

Our Cantrell Store Manager, Tressa, has some advice about how to introduce toys into the bedroom.
“It’s communication first. You have to communicate. And then you gradually introduce things.”

The trick is to start small and don’t ask. Don’t make it a big deal. Instead, just casually introduce toys. If it doesn't go well and you can communicate well with your significant other, talk about what you are both comfortable with and move from there.

Introducing adult toys into the bedroom can be a great way to spice things up in your relationship. You never fully know how your partner will react until your try. Make sure you communicate! Also, don’t take things too seriously. Remember, they are called adult TOYS for a reason. And toys, in theory, should be fun!

Ready to test a few out? These are our customers’ favorite adult toys from Seductions! These are the toys and novelties that our customers are simply raving about - and they’re perfect for both first-timers and experienced shoppers.

Pink Velvet Touch Vibrator

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