Buzz Without The Buck: Springtime Favorite Adult Toys Under $25


Looking for a lot of buzz without a lot of buck? This month, we're highlighting several of our best-selling, highest-rated online customer favorites that are perfect for everyone, from the first-timer to the experienced shopper. The best part? These adult toys and novelties are all under $25*!

 Bulk Slim Teardrop Bullet

One of our most reliable bullets is now available in this super-slim version. Not only is it sized with her comfort in mind, this powerful little wonder is available with multiple speeds!


Online retail price - $5.69

To purchase online, click HERE


 Slimline G Waterproof Vibrator

With its slim design for maximum stimulation and control, this waterproof vibrator is one of the ladies' very favorites! Fire it up by twisting the bottom, and this best-seller is capable of multiple speeds. The enlarged tip is specially designed to send concentrated vibrations to her G-Spot. 


Online retail price - $17.79

To purchase online, click HERE


Pump Worx Beginner's Pump

We're often asked about good toys for first-timers, and for the guys, this beginner's pump provides the size and confidence he's been looking for. He'll grow thicker and bigger with each squeeze of the pump - without any harmful side effects. This potent pump will give him not only increased performance but rock-hard results!


Online retail price - $19.79

To purchase online, click HERE.


Before And After Anti-Bacterial Adult Toy Cleaner

This safe and effective anti-bacterial toy cleaner provides you with peace of mind that your favorite vibrator is ready to party without any harmful bacteria joining in on the fun. Proven to reduce over 99% of dangerous microorganisms, this simple spray is intended for use before and after each sexual encounter - no rinsing required. Just wipe off and have fun, minus the harsh chemicals. Bonus: it smells fantastic, too.   


Online retail price - $12.79

To purchase online, click HERE

Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer Pink Ring

Seriously, every couple needs one of these. With its performance-enhancing ring and clitoral stimulator, amplify his and her pleasure with this affordable favorite! This enhancer ring is made from safe, phthalate-free plastic and features a durable plated vibrating bullet. You'll both love the buzz from one of the best couples' sex toys for the price, and she'll love the candy pink color!


Online retail price - $10.99

To purchase online, click HERE.


Lube Shooter

Love lubes but find them messy and hard to handle? Meet our favorite lube shooter! This handy little device helps keep your liquids, creams, and gels where they belong instead of all over your hands and sheets.


Online retail price - $8.79

To purchase online, click HERE.

Seductions Team