Best Sex Toys For Couples: OUR Guide To A Fulfilling Sex Life, Part 5

We think it's time to kick things up a notch or two. This next couples sex toy is a little more adventurous, but can be used at a beginner level, as well.  

Spanking - it can be a really scary word, mostly because it's commonly associated with punishment. While spanking can be an activity used for punishment and role-play, it doesn't have to be painful. The Lelo Sensua Suede Whip is the perfect addition to your bedroom collection. Its soft and supple suede tassels along with its sleek metal and acrylic handle make it very stylish and allows you to handle with confidence

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  • Figure out your fantasy: Spanking appeals to people for different reasons. Some people may be into the role-play, and some may just like the spanking part, while it may be more innocent for others. Finding out what you're interested in exploring is the important part. 
  • Get comfortable: Once you have discovered your fantasy and communicated that to your partner, take it slow. Pick a position that is comfortable for you. Lying across a bed or your partners lap, where your head is supported, is recommended. 
  • Start Soft: You don't want to hit too hard, too quickly. Start off with light spanks. You will get a feel for what you like and what your partner likes. A great place to start is the plump part of the rear.The back of the thighs is a more painful and sensitive area, so don't venture there too quickly. 
  • Places to avoid: Under no circumstances should you use the whip to spank the backs of the knees, the spine or the tailbone. 

The key is to communicate with your partner and explore with each other. Make sure you take it slow and talk to one another. If it hurts and you don't like it, let your partner know. We think that you will enjoy this little bedroom accessory. It's definitely one of the best sex toys for couples because it is so fun and versatile.

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Seductions Team