Best Sex Toys For Couples: Our Guide To A Fulfilling Sex Life, Part 4

When it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, furniture can make all the difference. Being comfortable is most important when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom. With The Ramp, you can be comfortable and encounter different and new levels of pleasure. The Ramp is a soft microfiber wedge that will make mattress moves more satisfying and longer lasting. How? Well, its angled positioning accentuates sensitivity and provides ergonomic support. It takes pressure off knees and wrists, allowing you to fully enjoy your partner for longer periods of time. 



Want To Take Things A Step Further? 

If you're familiar with sex furniture and want to elevate things a bit, we recommend the Fifty Shades of Grey Bed Restraint Kit. This kit, from our adult toy stores, comes with:  

  • 4 soft cuff restraints
  • 4 long straps (98" each) and O-rings
  • 1 Satin mask

This kit includes some of the best sex toys for couples because you can really let your inner Christian Grey come through and play however you please. 

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Seductions Team