Which Bra Is Right For You?


There are over 28 different types of bras available on the market, which makes it difficult to know what bra is best for you. We’re here to help you figure that out! Let’s take a look at a few of the most common bra types.


Idea for women with smaller breasts, this stretchy material is made of a simple band, sometimes having built-in cups, but provide little support or shaping. They also come in lace.


Usually lacy or strappy, the bralette is the perfect comfy bra. Anyone can wear a bralette, although it does not offer much support. It’s often worn under a loose tank top or shirt as an accessory.


This is a great style for smaller breasts, although it works for most breast sizes and shapes. The demi cup covers half of the breast and lifts front and center for the ultimate boost.


This is a fitted bodice piece worn to shape your figure. A popular choice, many women wear this to give an hourglass shape. 


A thick padding that lines the cup to enhance the perceived size of the breasts and cleavage.  It can also provide padding between garments to conceal nipples.


A bra that combines angled cups with padding that pushes up the breasts to create cleavage. This style is best for small breasts. It would also work well for asymmetrical breasts if the padding is removable on one side.


This one is a lot like the demi cup, but it is designed to push the breasts up rather than to the center. It’s a great supportive option for women with medium-sized boobs.


This bra does not cover the nipple area, but provides a shelf using open cups for the breasts to sit. 


Cups sit on an extra wide band but do not have straps. 


The band of metal at the base of the breast in some bras that helps lift and support the busts. 

There are so many bras and lingerie styles out there, you just have to find what's right for your body. Come visit one of our sexy lingerie stores and we can help you find the perfect little thing. 


The full cup can work for any breast size and shape. It covers your entire breast and are supportive and help shape through both the cups and straps. Women with large breasts benefit most from this style.

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