5 Revealing Secrets to Finding Your Intimate Adult Toy


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to add some good vibrations to your love life, but finding the right toy is like finding the right lipstick; it feels good in that oh-so-sexy kind of way, it raises your confidence, and gives you a sense of personal satisfaction. But, you might have to try a few to find the perfect complement for you.


 “Shopping for sex toys can be a lot like online dating: awkward, overwhelming, and difficult to separate the high-quality ones from the duds.”
-Women’s Health Magazine


We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Don't shy away from finding the right toy. Here are 5 revealing secrets to finding your intimate adult toy.

5 Revealing Secrets to Finding Your Intimate Adult Toy

#1. Quality Matters

Sure, there are the $10 versions out there… and they last for about a minute. If you want something that’s going to contribute to spicing up your love life, invest in quality. Consider the materials - hard plastic, silicone, or rubber? Avoid toys with phthalates, an endocrine-disrupting chemical often found in plastics. Can you say TURN OFF to your love life? Also, check out real customer reviews to see what the user-experience has been like for others.

#2. Size and Shape

You are unique and so are your needs. It’s important to keep these personal needs in mind when shopping for a vibrator. For example, look at the shape of the vibrator and what it’s intended purpose is to hit your area (or areas) of need. Some women respond to external stimulation, while others desire internal stimulation. Some simply want the whole kit and kaboodle, but don't worry, there's an adult toy for that.

At Seductions, you don't have to worry about walking out of the store wondering, "what did I just buy?" When needed, we encourage our staff to take the product out of the box, show you its unique features, turn it on to make sure it works, and verify that you are ok with the intensity of the vibration. We have five Seductions locations ready to help you. 


“It would be a huge mistake to buy something you think looks scary, garish, or aesthetically unappealing."
-Women's Health Magazine


Kathryn Catney, who represents the Swedish sex toy brand LELO, says, "the aesthetics of a vibrator are almost as important as what it does - after all, this is something you’re using to get turned on. So skip that hot pink vibe unless you absolutely love the way it looks.”

#3. What’s the Buzz?  

The buzz is the intensity of vibration that some people are very private about it, think roommate or shared living situation. These individuals will want to consider the buzz of their vibrator and may lean towards something more discreet. Vibrators tend to fall in the medium noise range. Check product descriptions for more information.  

#4. Shopping Comfort Level

At Seductions, we want to make your shopping experience as easy and private as possible, which is why we provide both online and in-store shopping options. Some people want the privacy of shopping online, while others would like to visit with an expert where they can see several options first-hand.

While you’re shopping, think about any extras you may need such as batteries, lubricant, or cleaner. And, as always, be sure to ask about or read our return policies.

#5. Going Solo or Sharing the Love?  

If you’re not sure what you want in a toy, go with something simple and designed for internal stimulation because it can also be used externally. Try it out solo first, and find your way with it. Then, as you get more comfortable, introduce it to your partner.

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